1st Chinese-French Workshop on
LHC Physics and Associated Grid Computing

11-15 December 2006,  IHEP,  Beijing

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Ambassade de
France en Chine

In the past few years, a strong cooperation activity has grown up between Chinese and French scientists involved in the LHC experimental program. Numerous scientists have traveled on both side and spent weeks of work in each country. Cooperation programs have been set up on the preparation of physics analysis as well as on the installation of the required tools from analysis software to computing grid deployment.

A need for regular forum between those scientists has appeared as a way to structure and stabilize these cooperation works. Therefore, to address this need, it has been found useful to start a series of annual workshop, alternatively in each country, which will allow Chinese and French scientists to present and discuss their view on the common work done and to be done. The main purpose of the workshop is to foster and develop cooperation between French and Chinese scientists on different issues related to the LHC scientific program as well as the deployment of associated computing grids.

This first Chinese French workshop will be held at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP).